Do You Know These Places?

We are trying to identify the locations of the Schwebe Bahn or "Zip-Line" ride owned and operated by Wilhelm Häfner . The only clues to the locations are the buildings and landscapes in the backgrounds. From addresses in the postcard collection, possible locations can be narrowed down. If you have any information please fill out your name, e-mail and leave your comments in the Message Box in the form at the bottom of this page. Thank You.


Häfner Schwebe Bahn ride. Location unknown, circa 1908.


Häfner Schwebe Bahn ride. Known to be Basel Switzerland, circa 1910.


Häfner Schwebe Bahn ride. Believed to be Dresden Germany, circa 1913.


Häfner Schwebe Bahn ride. Location unknown, circa 1926.


Häfner Schwebe Bahn postcard. Posted 29.9.1913 from Munich.

What is known of Photos 3.1 - 3.5:

As most of the postcards are addressed to Gertrud Häfner, this list of dates is of when she worked for her father’s Schwebe Bahn ride. These work dates at festivals are from 1908 to 1912, when Gertrud was age 16 until age 20. In 1918 Wilhelm Häfner divorced his wife Klara. He remarried and continued to own and operate the Schwebe Bahn ride into the mid 1930s.

Some Schwebe Bahn locations known from family postcards:

- 1908: Oktoberfestwiese Munich

- 1909: Oktoberfestwiese Munich

- 1909: Festplatz Schweidnitz

- 1909. Oktoberfestwiese Munich

- 1910: Festwiese Neu-Ulm

- 1910: Volksfest in Oberhausen

- 1910: Festwiese Nuremberg

- 191o: Festwiese Augsburg

- 1910: Festwiese Munich

- 1910: Festwiese Straubing

- 1910: Altenburg (Sachsen)

- 1911: Festwiese Schweidnitz

- 1911: Festweise Breslau

- 1911: Festwiese Nuremberg

- 1911: Festwiese Munich

- 1912: Festwiese Neu-Ulm

- 1912: Festwiese Nuremberg

- 1912: Festwiese Augsburg

- 1912: Festwiese Munich


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