How to leave a Transcription or Translation:

From the Requires Transcription or Requires Translation page under The Postcards tab, click on a postcard you would like to comment or work on.  Click on Postcard Edit page to get to the editing page of the postcard.

Next, click on the Comment Box to activate the flashing ” | ” bar.

Move your cursor to the front or back image of the postcard. This will allow you to navigate within the postcard with an enlarged view. If you prefer, you can click to see it fully enlarged. Click again to return to normal view. If you click to enlarge you will need to click on the Comment Box to activate it again.

Once you have completed your transcription or translation, click on the Submit button.  Within a day or two your submission will be reviewed and if approved, added to the information of that postcard. Once it has been added to the the postcard information in the comment box will be cleared.

To leave a Comment:

Click on the Comment Box and begin typing. When you have completed your comment, click on the Submit button.

Please Note: you must be logged in to submit a comment, transcription or translation. If you do not have a log in, please go to the Main Menu and click on the Volunteer tab then click on the Registration Form. Once you have submitted the registration form and have been approved, you will receive an email with your log-in name and password. Then you can return to make your comments. If you require any assistance please let me know by using the Contact tab in the main menu. You do not have to be registered to use the Contact Form.

Thank you for your assistance.